GreenSpring Capital’s Alternative Investments

Historically low yields along with extreme volatility in stock and bond markets have convinced real estate investors, stock market veterans and financial advisors to rethink and reassess investment goals. GreenSpring Capital provides real estate investors a means to acquire real estate assets thought to be unattainable by traditional means. GreenSpring Capital’s specialty mortgage programs enable borrowers to access the capital they need while providing our investors high yields and the security of knowing their investments are backed by high quality real estate. We believe real estate will always be the safest investment.

Core Services and Business Model

   Real Estate Capital

bulding 150GreenSprings Private Equity financing can provide a liquidity solution for borrowers shut off from traditional lending sources.  Our model as a private equity lender gives us the opportunity to extend loans on property that traditional lenders may reject.  GreenSpring partners with brokers searching for creative financing solutions for their clients.  

Put Your Money To Work

hands 150GreenSpring Capital understands the upheaval in our credit markets has provided an opportunity for astute investors to earn high yields on real estate.  We take the day-to-day management of owning real estate out of the equation.  We believe trust deed investing on well underwritten loans can be the most rewarding of investments.

We believe in trusting relationships; We believe in finding solutions;

We believe real estate investments work.

Our Partners

FCI Lender Services
Title 365
California Title Company
Calyx Point
Geraci Law Firm
Sitzer Law Group
Kroll Factual Data

State Licensing

California Bureau of Real Estate
GreenSpring Capital NMLS #1145944
GreenSpring Capital BRE #01945527
GreenSpring Capital WA State DFI
Consumer Loan License: #CL-1145944
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