Investor Testimonials

“We highly recommend GreenSpring Capital to anyone considering alternative financial investments. We have been doing business with the executive team for over 10 years now, having also known them personally for nearly 30 years. They have been a solid financial partner, are extremely organized and professional, and have consistently delivered on our investment plan year after year. We are comfortable knowing that our investments are safe with them. They have assembled a team with the utmost of integrity and the experience required to make sound financial decisions on our behalf. Thank you GreenSpring for your valued partnership!”

– K. & T. Murphy

“As an investor, a criteria I use in selecting an Investment Entity is “would I feel comfortable recommending such Investment Entity to a friend or one of my clients.” In the case of Greenspring Capital, I would have no hesitation in referring a friend or client to their firm. As a Real Estate Agent the concept of Disclosure is critically important and my experience with Greenspring has been very open and transparent.
“My investor’s experience has been nothing less than exceptional. Eric is a true gentlemen and of the highest integrity. It is truly an honor to work with this caliber of individual who embodies the highest ethical standards in all his affairs.”
“I have been investing with the GreenSpring Capital group for 2 years and have found them to be very professional, honest and forth right. I like the way they handle the paper work and value the properties they lend on. I plan on doing more investing with them in the future.”
– G.Legrand
“I’ve been very happy with your team’s and your communication thus far.”
“Thank you to Jillian & Eric for all your support with it being our first time investing! Both of you were wonderful & a pleasure to work with.”
– C.Timme
“My highest praises go to Eric Keillor of GreenSpring Capital for treating me with patience, respect and offering consistent and timely returns from my investments. Eric Keillor is honest with no hidden agenda. This is my second investment with GreenSpring and have an ongoing revenue/income stream thanks to Eric. I do not trust easily and my experience and customer service is always 100% satisfying. I would never invest with anyone else in this field. Eric is an expert!”
– S.geffen
“My investments with GreenSpring Capital have been strong with high valued properties and after working with the principals for over 20 years, I trust their underwriting process. We earned a solid return and were paid on-time monthly. I would recommend GreenSpring Capital to others and would invest with them again in the future.”
– D.Rathbun