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Trust deed investing is an attractive alternative for individuals and institutions seeking to argument or replace traditional asset classes and income sources. Private equity borrowers generally pay a higher interest rate than they would at a bank, which in turn can provide private equity real estate investors a higher yield than bank deposit programs and bond investments.

GreenSpring Capital originates carefully underwritten loans backed by quality 31 plus years of real estate investment experience and attention to detail, to ensure we underwrite first position loans with the strongest protective equity. Collateral is the cornerstone of every loan we make.

Real estate loans are available directly to individuals, and through institutional fee based advisors.

Investor Testimonials

“Thank you Eric; it takes a dedicated team to pull off the investment, transfer funds, and sign multiple copies of paperwork. Thanks to all. It’s great to start a partnership.”

– Anonymous
“In 2015 I decided to invest in first trust deeds. I interviewed many companies before choosing Green Spring Capital. Eric and his staff are fantastic. Their easy to communicate with and my e-mails, phone calls are always returned in a timely manner. I receive many e-mails, letters and phone calls from other companies offering huge rates, but huge rate doesn’t mean it’s going to be a good solid investments for me.
Green Spring Capital is the best. I’ve received good investments and a good returns for my money.”

– C. Gilder
“Our company as well as our affiliate companies have had the pleasure of being involved in many real estate transactions with GSC over the last several years. I cannot speak highly enough about our dealings with Eric Keillor and his team who have proven to be responsive, methodical, detailed and resourceful. GSC’s performance is the reason that we continue to do business with them. Eric Keillor has proven to be able to navigate through some very interesting and sophisticated real estate transactions which have included due diligence on well located in-fill land deals, underwriting and facilitator of the sale of a sizable harbor marina and countless real estate secured financing transactions. Far West Industries is a homebuilding and real estate development company that has been in business since 1977. Our company would seriously consider developing real estate with GSC if the right opportunity is presented to us.”

– Scott L. of GF Capital
“We highly recommend GreenSpring Capital to anyone considering alternative financial investments. We have been doing business with the executive team for over 10 years now, having also known them personally for nearly 30 years. They have been a solid financial partner, are extremely organized and professional, and have consistently delivered on our investment plan year after year. We are comfortable knowing that our investments are safe with them. They have assembled a team with the utmost of integrity and the experience required to make sound financial decisions on our behalf. Thank you GreenSpring for your valued partnership!”
– K. & T. Murphy
“As an investor, a criteria I use in selecting an Investment Entity is “would I feel comfortable recommending such Investment Entity to a friend or one of my clients.” In the case of Greenspring Capital, I would have no hesitation in referring a friend or client to their firm. As a Real Estate Agent the concept of Disclosure is critically important and my experience with Greenspring has been very open and transparent.
– R. Clarke
“My investor’s experience has been nothing less than exceptional. Eric is a true gentlemen and of the highest integrity. It is truly an honor to work with this caliber of individual who embodies the highest ethical standards in all his affairs.”
– Anonymous
“I have been investing with the GreenSpring Capital group for 2 years and have found them to be very professional, honest and forth right. I like the way they handle the paper work and value the properties they lend on. I plan on doing more investing with them in the future.”
– G. Legrand
“I’ve been very happy with your team’s and your communication thus far.”
– Anonymous
“Thank you to Jillian & Eric for all your support with it being our first time investing! Both of you were wonderful & a pleasure to work with.”
– C. Timme
“My highest praises go to Eric Keillor of GreenSpring Capital for treating me with patience, respect and offering consistent and timely returns from my investments. Eric Keillor is honest with no hidden agenda. This is my second investment with GreenSpring and have an ongoing revenue/income stream thanks to Eric. I do not trust easily and my experience and customer service is always 100% satisfying. I would never invest with anyone else in this field. Eric is an expert!”
– S. Geffen
“My investments with GreenSpring Capital have been strong with high valued properties and after working with the principals for over 20 years, I trust their underwriting process. We earned a solid return and were paid on-time monthly. I would recommend GreenSpring Capital to others and would invest with them again in the future.”
– D. Rathbun
“I’ve known Eric for 30 years – as long as he’s been in the lending business – and have made a few loans through him. Now I loan money with GreenSpring as an investor and am very happy with the returns I receive and follow-up from both Eric and the wonderful staff at GreenSpring. I can provide a reference to anyone who wishes.”
– G. Lemon
“GreenSpring Capital and Team are beyond wonderful to work with. As a repeated investor, I have zero doubt that my money could be in better hands. Not only is Eric seasoned in the industry with a plethora of knowledge, his main objective is protecting the investors to the max all the while rendering the best return. Jillian and Jen are thorough, responsive and sweethearts making the entire team a combined one of a kind hard money lending company. If you’ve ever wanted to know your large investments are in the best of hands, with the lowest risk factor and unbeatable returns, GreenSpring Capital is the investment avenue for you.”
– Anonymous
“There are a number of things I liked about GreenSpring Capital, the people being one of them. Jillian and Eric have the gift of making you feel totally comfortable and part of a team. That they’re looking out for their clients interests.
The other thing I found attractive about GreenSpring Capital’s program is all funds invested went directly into escrow, not in some fund account were someone else is deciding were my money will be invested. I look forward to working with GSC in the future.”
– C. Gilder