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GreenSpring’s Capital president, Eric L. Keillor, offers his 31 plus years of experience in real estate lending, acquisition, planning, finance, sales and marketing, and asset management. He has directly managed over $7 billion of real estate and investment transactions. His broad base of skills and hands-on approach enable the GreenSpring Capital to recognize and offer well underwritten lending opportunities and investments.

Eric L. Keillor

Eric L. Keillor is a 30 year veteran of the mortgage banking industry and possesses an extensive background in all facets of lending, including underwriting, appraisal, risk management, capital markets, wholesale management and direct sales. He has originated residential, commercial, and mixed-use mortgage loans for Citibank, First Nationwide Bank, Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) – Goldman Sach’s Senderra Funding and Colateral Group Insurance. As a divisional manager at RBC Mortgage, he oversaw all loans originated in California and led the country in wholesale sales volume for three straight years. Mr. Keillor holds a B.S. degree in psychology from the University of Southern California and is a licensed Real Estate Broker in the state of California.

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